Carbon Capture sequestration at RKDF, Bhopal

CCS, short for Carbon Capture and Sequestration is the removal of carbon dioxide from the emissions arising from power plants or from other large ‘point sources’ of COsuch as cement works, steel platns or as in this case, Thermal Power Plants.

Carbon Capture Sequestration
Carbon Capture Sequestration Plant Installed at RKDF, Bhopal

Funded by a CPRI ( Central Power Research Institute) of Bangalore RKDF University has placed order for CCS project with sunrise not just to supply 2 Scheffler Concentrators of 16 m2 each but also CO2 absorption system. Co2 from flue gases would be absorbed in MEA Solution in the scrubber in/of the CO2 absorption system and would be released by solar generated steam by Scheffler Concentrator.​

On Site Installation of CCS Plant
Sunrise Team Installing CCS plant
Engineers of Sunrise India
Successfully Installed the CCS Plant at RKDF, Bhopal
Photo after finally handing over the CCS plant to RKDF university